Ultra Modern Sofa Sleeper from Meritalia – On Cloud Nine

Soft and foamy, fluffy and ever-changing! These are adjectives describing not clouds but a cloud sofa from Meritalia. The solid and multi-dimensional modern sofa sleeper is a product of designer Gaetano Pesce’s creativity combined with modern material and technology that makes this piece of modern furniture a visual and ergonomic treat.

The imminently recognizable studded large buttons on the front and back of the backrest, taking a cue from classic designs, add that touch of familiar warmth, yet this modern sofa sleeper is nothing like the traditional designs. It is pliable due to latest technological innovations so that you can create a different sofa every now and then and has wheels to move around. Although the sofa looks puffed and airy, it is actually solid, stable and totally cushy to transport you to an ethereal world, both literally and figuratively.
Cloud Sofa Nubola Meritalia

The sofa has a sleeper variant too that comes with the same soft comfort that supports and soothes. Each puff on the backrest is measured to perfection so that each puff is like a perfect white cloud in a clear sunny sky. No jutting at any place, just clean and smooth construction that never seems contrived. A variety of upholstery options will make for an interesting selection to suit individual and home style. The immensely likeable cloud sofa effortlessly combines a structural individuality with classical elements to create a piece that is at home in any space that demands comfortable elegance!