Our unique home accessories and floral arrangements line, captivates the world with magnificent pieces that convert a simple interior space into the most exquisite and unique ambient. Our fine line is inspired by the most unexpected aspects of nature, created with passion and love.

Not only we want to bring those extraordinary pieces to you , but we also want to give you some tips and inspiration ideas to get the most out of these accessories and make your home look beautiful with a modern touch.

1. Orchids in modern Decor

Orchids come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so when it comes to planning your décor, there are never-ending options for you to choose from.

Elegant touch: If you want to project elegance, then solid colored orchids are the way to go. You’ll find them in soft colors like salmon and yellow to name just a few. They are perfect because of their simple, yet vibrant character.

Modern: For a modern atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with a simple, brilliant white orchidl. In a white room, white Phals create a monochromatic effect that’s pleasing to the eye. In rooms with lots of color, unique shapes and intricate patterns, white orchids provide a cool and subtle backdrop upon which the more detailed elements will shine.

Modern Floral arragements

Modern warm orchids


Modern Bedrooms ideas

Our bedrooms are the place where we come to relax at home after a busy day at work. They are sanctuaries free of stress and full of soothing colors and a calming atmosphere, so they should be comfortable and uncluttered. We want to give you a few tips here to re-design your bedroom and turn it into the Modern Bedroom you’ve always dream of.

1.Bedrooms are very personal

Bedrooms are extremely personal spaces, and are usually not visited by any other people than your closest family. So when decorating, try to stick to what appeals to you and what feels more comfortable. Adding personal items are great for creating that sense of “belonging” : Family pictures: hang a few family pictures on the wall on place them on the night table.  The Wall: the type of pieces you choose to display on your walls should reflect your interests (scenes of outdoors or oceans , nature and flowers, even collectibles).

Modern Bedroom design ideas


Modern Kid’s Room Design ideas

A child’s bedroom is not only a place to sleep, is much more than just spending nigh time, waking up , making their bed (when they make it!) and heading out.  For a child , his bedroom is the main spot to play, do homework, do crafts, read, invite his friend along, let his imagination fly and why not build secret caves made out of blankets and entire cities with every single toy they have. So having this in mind, it’s important to design a space that serves multiple functions, comfortable, practical with a lot of room to free play and a good storage system. Here are some great ideas and for a Modern Kid’s  room decoration.

1. Make space for free play:

Children need space for free play, to be able develop their imaginations, build creativity and learn to be more independent. So leaving space for them to jump and play on the floor its a must. So avoid the temptation to fill every single square foot with toys and furniture. Instead, create sections in the room for specific tasks and distribute toys and furniture accordingly, this leaves much more free space “between sections”.

kids modern room, electric orange

Kids modern room electric green , orange and yellow

2. Create Sections for specific tasks:

We already established the importance of free space to play. But children can also benefit from structured play. Creating specific sections in their room is perfect for helping them focus on different activities.



Bright colors are modern interior design trends that bring rich hues into home interiors. Bright interior decorating looks energetic and unique, emphasizing your interior design style and giving personality to your room decor.

The size of your room is an important consideration for selecting vivid room colors for creating cheerful and modern interior design and decor. If you are decorating a small apartment, bright room colors used for decorative accents create amazing small rooms with sensational decor. Here is a collection of interior decorating ideas that implement bright room colors into small rooms and turn them into beautiful home interiors.

Choosing a color for modern interior design and decor is not difficult if you have the favorite color hues. Have no fear, there are easy and stress free ways to add color to your interior design and decorating, using great inspirations that designers offer as the latest trends.

Bright colors modern interior design

1. Playing with blue





Your living room is where the social part of the home life takes place, a space designed to be used as you decide: entertaining, spending time with family, hanging out with friends, watching TV, or just relaxing while drinking some tea or coffee. So it is important to edit and decor the living room comfortable and pleasure for everyone. The following examples will help you create your own version of the ultimate modern living room.

1. Black and White

Black and white combination is an elegant and sophisticated combination of colors. So black and white living room designs are also sophisticated, elegant and modern. You can make a whole living room in black or a whole room in white, but the most beautiful design is the combination of black and white. You can also add some sphere or any other shaped hanging lamps to complete the modern look.

Modern black and white living room

Modern black and white living room





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The Chic Contemporary Leather Recliner

The smooth texture of leather furniture makes them a sharp addition to any home or office. This timeless fabric can easily be adapted into any style that appeals to you. What you get with a leather sofa is a luxurious piece of furniture that has the versatility you want when decorating your home.

The contemporary leather sofa is the perfect combination of comfort and sophistication. The chic legs and smooth design give it a modern look that is compatible with the decor of any space you are planning to upgrade.

When you combine the soft feel of leather with a cozy recliner the end result equals total comfort. Imagine yourself relaxing after a hard day at the office with your favorite drink in hand and your tired feet raised up in the air. Recliners have been epitomizing comfort seating for decades, and when offered in fine leather with ample padding you have a duo that is impossible to resist.

The plush cushioning of the combination sofa makes each separate component a cozy spot to take a time out from your hectic day. Pop open that book you’ve been dying to read and lay back in your leather-clad chaise. The stress of your day is going to fade completely away as you delve into another time and place enveloped in the soft feel of plush leather.

Perfect for a formal living room, cozy den or sports inspired man-cave; the contemporary leather couch complements any room in the home, adapting to the style and decor that you have created. Place it in front of the fireplace for those cold winter cuddle-time nights or in front of the big screen for the big game. Contemporary leather furniture will never go out of style and will be a warm addition to any space that inspires you to rest.

Modern Leather ReclinerCompatible with all other types of furnishings, you can personalize your leather couch and truly make it your own with a chic throw draped over the back or cushions that complement the rooms existing decor. Jazz up your man-cave with deep blue throw pillows or keep it cozy in your den with a warm blanket that begs for a nap. The adaptability of a leather couch such as this one allows for you to work it in perfectly with your existing furniture and decorations.

The presence alone of a leather sofa gives your room that extra kick you are looking for. The natural sheen of the fabric gives it that eye-catching appeal that a home decorator hopes for when designing a space while its comfy cushioning and plush surface make it a favorite spot to sit and unwind.

Don’t dismiss the leather sofa when making your home’s furnishing choices. This type of timeless furniture will set it apart from any other with class and sophistication that cannot be matched.

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Your Living Room

Spice Up Your Home

living roomWant to give your home a complete makeover in a stylish way? Then look no further, because here we bring you the most happening and modern decorating ideas for your living room to make the place trendy yet comfy. So read on and tell us what you think!

Get it Going in the Living Room

If there is one room that you could call the heart of your home, it is the living room. It sets the tone and mood of your entire home, so you should definitely make sure that it is the best-looking spot in your dwelling. Here are a few ideas on how you could turn your living room into something more inviting, and one that pleases the eye every single time.

Home Decor is an Art

Not everyone is good at it, so it is better to hire services of professionals in this regard. What’s your opinion about it?

A living room done in different shades of red is sure to catch everyone’s eye because of the bright and bold quality it lends to the entire room; however, be sure not to go overboard with the bold and fiery red to achieve the desired effect. Balancing the red with smatterings of white – a white coffee table, cushions, lamps or wall hangings – will surely do the trick.

Fresh & Airy

An airy and spacious living room does not necessarily imply that you put less in it; you just have to furnish it with the right pieces that do not stuff the room. A wall of windows that keeps the room well lit, a beautiful minimalistic leather sectional to go with it, and soft tones of white and taupe are just what you need to get that light and airy feeling for the room.

White Leather Sectional

Modern Abstraction

Abstract art is one of the best modern home decor ideas, and makes for an excellent and tasteful theme for your living room. An abstract piece greatly reduces the need for heavy decoration and embellishment, and you can pair abstract paintings with traditional pieces of furniture like console tables to lend a classy look to your living room. Other than that, abstract art also works well with rooms that provide a great view of the city, where you can throw in subtle colors like grey or navy blue for sofas, cushions and rugs.

Abstract Painting

Shades of White

One can never go wrong with white as their living room theme! Not only does it look unique, but it also adds a touch of sophistication and class to the entire space if you complement the all-white furnishings with bronze or light-brown decoration pieces, wall hangings, sofa cushions and even a cream-colored throw, for good measure. Be sure to use different shades of white; a living room done in a single shade of white all over would look more like a hospital room than a place to sit back and relax!

Warm & Cozy

f your living room is the place where you crash and unwind after a long, hectic day, then you would most definitely want it to be a warm and inviting haven where you can let go of all your troubles for some time. To do just that, an extra-deep, oversized sofa that you can sink into, coupled with an ottoman to rest your feet on is what you need. You can use soft shades like beige and cream, which nicely go with dark brown, teak or bronze for wall hangings, decoration pieces, cushions and even for the coffee table.

Leather Sofa

Zen Space

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear Zen is a place – a sanctuary – where you can relax and discover inner peace, and there is nothing better having such a space in your own home. Using soft and neutral colors for Zen decor is the key to creating the right atmosphere where you can wind down and even meditate. Make sure the room is well lit and ventilated, because lighting is as important as furniture and ornaments in setting the overall mood of the room. When you are going for Zen decor, be sure to use minimalistic design to maintain the overall feel you are aiming for. You could also add some ornaments and decorative items that reflect the theme of the room, for example meditating Buddha statues. Remember though, the fewer the stuff, the more open, comfortable and spacious the space would look, and if you use contrasting shades like grey and orange, it would just add to the beauty!


Are you close to nature? Do you like outdoors more than the cramped interiors? Well, the good news is that you can bring the natural environment right inside your living room by simply using the right colors and furniture. A mix of green, brown and neutral colors is the perfect way to depict nature, and you may choose either unfinished wooden furniture or polished pieces to go along with green sofa cushions, plant decorations, and a soft, neutral shade on the wall to maintain the balance.

Prep Up the Entrance

If your living room is also used as an entryway to your house, then you should consider dividing the room into two sections: one that is used exclusively for entering, and the other as a living room. While you may design the living room as per your tastes, the entryway needs to be a little bold and welcoming for your guests, and using wallpaper is a great way to do that.

Artistic Walls

No matter what you decide as your living room theme, touching up the walls a bit can greatly transform your entire living room space, and may even reduce or eliminate the need for costly decorations and wall hangings. If you are using bright colors for your furniture, you could go for geometric Wall Art or patterns that look appealing to the eye, or you could also go for floral designs as wall art in dark or contrasting colors that are sure to catch anyone’s eye.

Did you like our ideas of modern home decor? Want to add something more? Then feel free to give us your feedback and ideas on how you can add some zest to your living room.

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